2018 We Hardly Knew You

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We bid a fond adieu to the year two thousand and eighteen, and would like to thank all of you who made it such a peculiar and noisy year of traveling and rocking and rolling and drinking and breaking and repairing and stomping and hollering and drinking and more drinking.

Partial list of people we could not operate without:
Vic “El Jefe” Giron, Anthology of Erotic Esoterica, Nick Passey and all of Folk Hogan, THe amzing family at Backwards Distillery in Caspar, Bryan Ostrow and Connor O’Neal at Triple Nickel, Brian Eastin, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Jessica Bloom, Thomas Self and the crew at Mercury Lounge, Joey Henry, Brody Wellman, the crew at Gillies, Humble Vine, Mike E. Wilson and the crew at Firefly, Fawntastic Fast and Scott Shambaugh, Shawn and Holly Finnegan, Andy and the crew at Wally’s House of Booze, all our Texas family, Waco Winery, Lucky Diaz and his Family Jam Band, WhiskeyDick, Kirby’s Beer Store, and of course all of our friends and fans who continue to support our journey to the center of grimey voodoo weirdness and slam bang battering ram blues.

We had a hell of a time traveling this big, odd nation visiting and sprinkling strangeness wherever we go, adding chapters and characters to our incomplete saga. Now we crawl back into our shadowy cave for the depths of winter to scheme the structure of our ongoing adventure. There are big hulking shapes looming on the horizon of 2019. So hold on to your hats.

See you then,

Incroyable & Deacon





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