2019… That certainly happened

On December 3, 2019, in News, Understream report, by redeye_no.1

And so we conclude one more trip around the sun, retiring back to our grey and secluded cave in the outskirts of the emerald city. The Murder of Bedlam and its colorful cast of (mostly black and somewhat blue) birds darkening skies wherever we rolled the mighty pretzel war wagon. We carved some new trails and reignited fires in our favorite cragged, shadowy dens all around the United States. The illustrious Mr. Crow has released us from our debt, the origin of which shall remain shrouded in mystery for reasons both ethical and legal.

And now, we, your indefatigable Peculiar Pretzelmen, retreat not to sleep, but to scheme, and I am here to say, these are heavy schemes, indeed.

Thank you to everyone who supported us through 2019, whether it was attending shows, working alongside us, paving the way with producing and promoting, or even just streaming our music, and purchasing merch through the mail. On that note, now that we are settled back in the dark hovel we call the Reliquarium, expect all those errant mail orders to be on their way.

New printings of Innumerable Seeds, and Who Brought the Serpents Down are coming and will be available soon.

Stay tuned. 2020, is going to be the wildest weirdest one yet, and that is a promise from Incroyable and Deacon directly to you.

Never stop, never sleep, never make a promise you can’t keep.


—- the Pretzelmen


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