Big Band Voodoo Stance


Los Angeles’ pre-eminent voodoo priests of swampy blues stomp and dirty jazz freakout, The PECULIAR PRETZELMEN, have been holding down the weirdest, wildest Mardi Gras parties in LA for the last 5 years. They bring a big band of horns, percussion, handmade instruments, and unparalleled electric ferocity, reducing crowds to sweaty, quivering, masses of dancing madness every time. After years of dropping the Mardi Gras Madness as a one-off party, it eventually became a two city event, stretched between LA and Seattle, but even that was not enough. In 2016 the PECULIAR PRETZELMEN are rounding up the “big band” variant of their touring ensemble to bring a 7 piece army of unstoppable hypnotic grooving gris-gris gangsters on a two week crawl, partying up the West Coast. This will either be the first of its kind or the last of its kind, but it will definitely be one of a kind  PECULIAR PRETZELMEN AND THE HOODOO HOODLUMS 2016.






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