Open Letter from the Pretzelmen

On April 2, 2020, in Uncategorized, by redeye_no.1

It should come as no surprise to any of you, fine friends and supporters, that we are locked up tight in our respective bunkers indefinitely. Though, this time, it is not for our own desired seclusion in the pursuit of our shadowy, grit, and rust coated, dark musical sorcery. No, we find ourselves captives in the wretched, reaching pall of this new world pandemic, whose icy fingers have no doubt infiltrated your lives just the same. 

It is for this reason we have had to postpone and reschedule all of our upcoming performances. We would like to assure you that,of course, we are already scheming on what the next batch of congregational, whiskey flavored, noise, freakout, storytelling setpieces will look like and when we will be able to bring them to you. In the meantime, the estimable sirs, Deacon and Incroyable are diligently carving tiny boats, birds, and other mystical missives, to deliver you music and merriment. If we may not hoist spirits with you over songs in the flesh, then we shall lift spirits how best we can from our inky underground altar. 

             We treasure your support, and will be back on the road as soon as the fates allow. 

Our online stores are still up and running to fulfill whatever fix you may be craving, though orders are running a little slower for the expected reasons. Stay tuned, amigos, the Pretzelmen don’t even know how to stop anymore. 

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