It is with great frustration and some sadness, that we are rescheduling our June 2014 tour. For a variety of circumstances that were all out of our control, we are unable to make it to see all of you wonderful crazy so and so’s that make it such a joy to endeavor on this bizarre journey called rock and roll.

Our plans for the next full length record are under way, and it looks like we’ll be able to hit the road again in fall, with a banging new set of songs to scream and pound at you. In the meantime, the best thing you can do to help us is tell EVERYONE about us. Buy some of our online merch if you can, tell venues, promoters, local radio and festivals you want to see us. Tweet them, facebook them, email them, nail dead animals to their garage doors (don’t do that.) But seriously, if you want us, demand us! You’d be surprised how much impact it can have.

Stay tuned, and we’ll be in your neighborhood as soon as we can.

— Incroyable




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We at Peculiar HQ have become aware that absolutely no one has received any of the CURIOUS COMPENDIUM orders we shipped out. We sent them to our distributor in two groups and apparently every single item vanished. Bermuda triangle style. Or at least that’s the most legitimate explanation we’ve heard so far. Which is, let’s admit, completely fucking nuts.

The project was meant to be extremely limited so we only made so many and about 20 have walked out of existence. So we have sent out (personally… no distributors were involved this time to hopefully sidestep any more ….. incidents) new orders to reach all the patient and wonderful people who have ordered them so far. A limited edition of “ghost” tins will be produced to match our initial offer of 100 copies, but for now, we still have quite a few ready to go, and presumably there will be no further interruptions.

To all you who ordered and have been patiently waiting, we offer our sincerest apologies, and are sending a gang of treats along with your new orders, and to you who have been on the sidelines, come and get it. They won’t last long.

Thank you so much,




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CURIOUS COMPENDIUM the collected works of The Peculiar Pretzelmen 2006-2013.

7 years of mayhem and we’ve come to this. Hours and hours of music, a collector’s box with trading cards, booklet, stickers, and oh yeah did I mention HOURS AND HOURS OF MUSIC. Everything that’s ever been released, along with everything we could dig up that hasn’t been released or had a very limited release. HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS. We’re not even sure how much music is on there yet, because we keep finding more material to add to it.

200 boxes are available dec 23.

25 pre-orders available Nov 20.

5 at 9am, 5 at 12pm, 5 at 3pm, 5 at 6pm, 5 at 9pm. (Pacific Standard)

Pre-orders ship in a variant package and are going for the early bird price of $100.

Purchases can be made at  Morbid Curiositease 



Gentlemen Scoundrels Tour 2013

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Gentlemen Scoundrels

The Peculiar Pretzelmen are proud to announce the ongoing “Gentlemen Scoundrel” tour carrying them throughout the USA this year.