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New full length album, pre-orders available now.




WBTSD temp coverBETA

You can place an order at BANDCAMP right now. We will have copies on upcoming tours of USA and we’ll be releasing to itunes, tidal, spotify and all that good stuff ASAP.



RedEye out.


The score so far… 2015

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pondstock at dawnHere we are, half through the year two thousand and fifteen, nine years on the Peculiar Pretzelmen war machine, and well, where the hell are we?

We’re back in the bunker. We hit the road hard and fast to dust off the junkboxes and get the blood moving again, but now its back underground for the summer to polish off this full length record we’ve been simmering since the end of 2013. All the vicious, violent, grimy, junkyard, voodoo stomp sounds you’ve been hearing on the road is matriculating to tape (0’s and 1’s more truthfully, but where’s the romance in that?) Keep your ears to the ground and the record will be surfacing soon! Fall 2015 it is coming. Will it be on vinyl? I hope so. Meantime, the UNCANNY EYES and INNUMERABLE SEEDS OF CALAMITY reissues are also coming soon, we hit a very unfortunate SNAFU on that project when our favorite graphics wizard ROBERT NIX NIXON had to take some time off for health reasons, but we’re back on the tracks. And hope to be shipping by the end of summer.

EVERYTHING MUST BE BROKEN was 15 days of fury, spanning CA, NM, CO, NE, SD, KS, and UT. We have to thank JAYKE ORVIS for joining the mayhem for a few days and keeping us laughing when the van was stuck on the side of the road THE SECOND TIME IN TWO WEEKS (booooo and hiss), FOLK HOGAN for making room for us to party in SLC and treating us like family every time. Big big thanks to VIC GIRON and TYLER SMITH for carving a niche for us in the NE area and throwing us in the PONDSTOCK mix. We are the quasi official theme music of dawn in that corner of the world it seems. Thanks to ATOMIC DISC in Salem, OR and GRANT GOODWINE out in no mans land for throwing themselves at a rush job getting the tour EP beautifully manufactured in time for the tour. Thanks to CLAY  HEXIMER and his GENTLEMEN OF FOUR OUTS for making a Vegas stop happen for us. Thanks to AAA for saving our ass on the side of the road TWICE IN TWO WEEKS (we are in the market for a new van, everybody.) I can’t thank everybody we played with the whole trip, but it was great to see REVEREND DEADEYE, and MY GRAVEYARD JAW at Pondstock. And for the last couple of years we’ve had Bekah at THE TEMP AGENCY to thank for keeping us on as many radars as possible.

Very special thanks to STRANGER FACTORY for putting up with us on our day off, and subjecting us to an onslaught of inspiration at their home base. Also giving us the imagery we used for our Instagram fliers throughout tour. We have some very cool plans brewing with those wizards for next year, so stay tuned there as well.

More to come!





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Tour has concluded and we’ll be sending out an update regarding that next week but in the meantime…. The beautiful EVERYTHING MUST BE BROKEN tour EP is up for sale at our square site and Bandcamp.



Get a hard copy HERE

Get a digital copy HERE



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The pinstriped sons of shadowy, sinister salvation are back at it again.

2015 Brings a slew of dates starting in June in support of the EP “EVERYTHING MUST BE BROKEN.”

Two short weeks of terror blazing through NM, CO, NE, KS, WY, UT, NV, and CA with more dates coming for later in the year.


Stay tuned for more details, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Fbook for updates from the road.
And don’t forget you can hit up our online merch over HERE

RedEye OUT!


We’ve been set back again with the re-issues! They are coming! And they keep getting better, but do to an unexpected and very unfortunate health related setback, our fearless and peerless graphics guru ROBERT NIX NIXON needs a little more time to get them ready for the real world.


Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for your support,



2015…. We’re back

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New music. And the first 2000 downloads are free.



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We’re gearing up for the big October national tour and prepping to finish the new full length as soon as we get home. We want to come rock your brain socks and we want to do it right! We need to put some gas in the tank, and actually, get some new tires, and well a lot of things we need to do. HELP US bring the peculiar vibe to your town! This is the first released song from our tour EP “THEME MUSIC FOR THE END OF TIMES.” Check it out.

BUY IT! It’s only a dollar and if all our fans and friends and some of their friends and fans buy it, we’ll be made in the shade. You can give more if you want, but every dollar will mean the world to us. If you give $10 Incroyable and Deacon will drop a pretzel card in the peculiar post with some doodles and limericks or recipes for cheese dip or whatever catches their fancy that day. If you want us to come to your house and play musics and drink all your whiskeys and eat all your food you can donate more, but you should probably message us about that, since thats a lot more complicated.

BUT SERIOUSLY, check this out, tell your friends, tell EVERYBODY. Tell them we’re coming, tell them to see the shows, tell them to download this track and give us $1. We’ll take more if you got it, and downloading any songs or albums will all go to getting us on the road.

Here’s some music, now give us the tools and we’ll finish the job!

—Larry H. Moss

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Covered in dirt and stones we slumbered away the trials of 2013 emerging to complete our first full length studio album since 2010. In true, time honored tradition every possible obstacle and tribulation rose to meet us. It has seemed even the elements of nature themselves turned their weight to encumber our progress. And we, being the Pretzelmen we are, refuse to be stopped.


Here’s the deal:

We are coming to your town this fall or next spring. We are going EVERYWHERE and we are finishing this record and playing the old songs the new songs and whatever weirdness we can wrap our heads around. But we need some help. To lurch this tour war machine to life and close the gaps getting this record done we need the pretzel army in full force.









There’ll be a link for our new EP “Theme Music for the End of TImes” coming soon! And we’ll be offering pre sales for the new full length too. And if you want to donate a little or a lot to just help us get moving we’ll take it. And we’ll offer you some sweet perks for joining the cause too.


STAY TUNED AND BANG YOUR DRUMS (or some trash that sounds sort of like drums…. that’s what we do.)




It is with great frustration and some sadness, that we are rescheduling our June 2014 tour. For a variety of circumstances that were all out of our control, we are unable to make it to see all of you wonderful crazy so and so’s that make it such a joy to endeavor on this bizarre journey called rock and roll.

Our plans for the next full length record are under way, and it looks like we’ll be able to hit the road again in fall, with a banging new set of songs to scream and pound at you. In the meantime, the best thing you can do to help us is tell EVERYONE about us. Buy some of our online merch if you can, tell venues, promoters, local radio and festivals you want to see us. Tweet them, facebook them, email them, nail dead animals to their garage doors (don’t do that.) But seriously, if you want us, demand us! You’d be surprised how much impact it can have.

Stay tuned, and we’ll be in your neighborhood as soon as we can.

— Incroyable




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We at Peculiar HQ have become aware that absolutely no one has received any of the CURIOUS COMPENDIUM orders we shipped out. We sent them to our distributor in two groups and apparently every single item vanished. Bermuda triangle style. Or at least that’s the most legitimate explanation we’ve heard so far. Which is, let’s admit, completely fucking nuts.

The project was meant to be extremely limited so we only made so many and about 20 have walked out of existence. So we have sent out (personally… no distributors were involved this time to hopefully sidestep any more ….. incidents) new orders to reach all the patient and wonderful people who have ordered them so far. A limited edition of “ghost” tins will be produced to match our initial offer of 100 copies, but for now, we still have quite a few ready to go, and presumably there will be no further interruptions.

To all you who ordered and have been patiently waiting, we offer our sincerest apologies, and are sending a gang of treats along with your new orders, and to you who have been on the sidelines, come and get it. They won’t last long.

Thank you so much,